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Megzy J Barker


Team rider questionnaire and intro


Megzy is such an awesome rider for someone so young. We met her at Wakestock, and after seeing her riding and meeting her we NEEDED her on board. Good friends with Ash Colvin, another RK rider, she has hit the wakeboard scene hard over the last few years, currently placed 9th in the world and recently she came 2nd in the open nationals. This girl is going to be on top of womens wakeboarding for years to come.

Name: Megan J Barker
D.O.B: 2nd July 1993
Hometown: lived in Bradford for 12 years, moved to east coast near a town called Driffield. Now in a little village not far from Driffield called Wetwang. (What a name ha ha).
Home Lake: Billabong water sports

Favourite place to ride and why?
Any where I'm invited and that has a boat or cable... A wakeboard's a wakeboard. I enjoy going to Sheffield cable as its very friendly and a good way to spend your day.

Favourite Rider:
Lee Debuse as his style is so different with clean rail hits, he is such a nice guy in general and respects all riders, GREAT COACH and knows what he's talking about. Amber Wing to be my favorite chick rider as she is just unbelievable to watch getting so much height, she is like in a league of her own.

Cable or boat?
Started out boat but enjoy cable too. I don't prefer boat or cable as they are two different ways to wakeboard. Any time is good time.

Liquid Force Luna

O’Brian Skyla.

Bright pink Pro-Tec with a Mohawk.... My trademark and its UNMISSABLE... Even in the shadows!!!

When did you first start Wakeboarding?
Behind a jet bike I believe in 2006 then 2007 I started competing and riding boat.

What do you like about the sport?
Like… I love it. It’s a great way to chill out and clear your head. Awesome to travel meet new people and make friends. Meet great people and experience different places to ride but most of all it’s a great way to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Favourite Trick?
Railey and half cab roll and all the other high scoring tricks. I like doing spins as they look good and are nice to do.

Jagermeister or Beer?
Jagerbomb..... all the way. Messy heads but good nights and memories.

Favourite Food?
Anything that tastes good. Yorkshire Puds are pretty awesome. Actually I do like Wheat Crunches spicy tomato, now they are good!

Party all night or ride all morning?

Forget riding all morning....ride ALL DAY then party hard that night. Day well spent ;)

If you could ride to any music what would it be?

What ever music to put the boat driver in a good mood.... you have to keep them happy.

What do you hope to achieve in the next year?
Podium Position in the Europeans and loads more super cool tricks.

Best achievement so far?
Girls European champion 2008 (I didn’t even attend, my points from UK comps were good enough). Junior ladies ranked 9th in the world 2011

Any other hobbies?
I snowboard through winter, skateboard any minute I have spare, Design and do a lot of photography. I trampoline allot too, using a Voda Tramp Board and a wakeboard line which helps out a lot with my sport.

What upcoming events, competitions, tours etc are you involved in?
Groms Junior Nationals (Last year), Open Nationals (Pro Ladies), AOD tour stop 3&4, Wake and Ski Boats UK Rider League Finals, European championships and a few demo days for Maven Marine here and there.

Trident UK, Innovation Prints, Billabong Water sports, Maven Marine, Rubix Kangaroo.

What do you like about RK as a sponsor?
They are all friendly people, very supportive and awesome to chat to, easy to get along with and have a lot of respect. I have to say it’s a big bonus being sponsored by a company that has quality gear that looks super cool. Also these guys are all S*!T HOT at snowboarding.

And finally anything else to say...
Watch out for the girl with the Mohawk. There’s only one and I’ll be around. My lid is unforgettable!!!