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 Intro: We met Em at the London snow show when we launched in october 2010 and after speaking about all aspects of riding, as well as avoriaz and morzine we looked into her riding skills and saw they were pretty dope. A regular at Hemel freestyle nights, she hits rails like a demon and jibs about as naturally as Patrick Swayze says baby.

Team Rider Questionairre
Name: Emily Mead
D.O.B: 27th Nov. 1989
Hometown: Harpenden
Sponsors: Rubix Kangaroo, Bataleon Snowboards, Misticon,
Favourite place to ride and why?: Avoriaz, cos it's siiiiiiick!
Piste or Powder? Pow!!
Favourite Trick? Back nose slide to pretzel 270 out
Jagermeister or Beer? Jager all the way, then when the jagers runs out beer. Or till I'm too drunk to know what I'm drinking!
Curry or Chinese or Francais? Chinese only from my local though if not Curry!
Late night or Early morning shred or Both? Both please.
Favourite music to ride to? Dub step
What do you hope to achieve next season? I want to ride like last season, just less shit!
What upcoming events, competitions, tours etc are you involved in? Every comp there is in the UK, take a few trips away everywhere please and definitely hit the brits if they let me come out and play.