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Benny Flannagan


Team rider questionnaire and intro


Benny joined the RK team in February after seeing Rubix Kangaroo on a freestyle course in Japan. He’s a sick rider and the first on our team from Australia. This season benny was training up for the Thredbo Freeride Series and the Rip Curl Freeride Pro, and as his pictures of his double backies show, he is one to watch.

Name: Benny Flannagan
D.O.B: 08th May 1991
Hometown: Lower Plenty, Melbourne, Aus
Favourite place to ride and why? Thredbo (Shredbo), its my home resort and my second home, why else! And a cafe here has the best scrambled eggs I ve ever had.
Piste or Powder? You cant say no to a pow day (yes we get pow in Aus sometimes), but the park will always keep me coming back
Favourite Trick? Any jib involving sw 270 on, so much fun
Jagermeister or Beer? Carlton Draught beer and skittle bombs!
Curry or Chinese or Francais? Japanese.. i could live off that stuff
Late night or Early morning shred or Both? Breakfast lunch and dinner.. but if I had to pick id say middle of the day, unless theres pow.
Favourite music to ride to? Anything out of a ski movie.. biggie smalls.. the glitch mob.. mainly rap with some dubstep/dance etc
What do you hope to achieve next season? Kiss someone on a chairlift. And keep progressing, got a bunch of tricks I wanna get down!
What upcoming events, competitions, tours etc are you involved in? Freeride Series at Thredbo, and other similar comps at other mountains in Aus.