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Ash Colvin



Ash Colvin
18th Dec. 1987
King's Lynn, Norfolk
Slingshot kine 141
Slingshot R.A.D

INTRO: We met Ash at Wakestock this year and after chatting to him and seeing him riding we wanted him onboard! Hes a sick rider and a great addition to the team. More news and photos to follow.


Wakeboard idols:
I love a lot of people's style in wakeboarding but my favourites would have to be Ben Greenwood and Shawn Watson on boat because their style and tricks are awesome. Also Kevin Henshaw and Mark Rossiter on rails as they are so technical and make rail riding look amazing.

Favourite place to ride and why?
My favourite place to ride is Club Wakepark in Northampton. Basically I love riding anywhere with awesome rails but spend a lot of my time in Northampton. I also love to ride in Florida as it is just an amazing place to train and everyone is so friendly.

Cable or boat?
I have always loved boat as that's what I started on but in the last few years I have moved to System 2.0 and cable for the rails. At the moment I would say System 2.0 as that's what I am riding most of and loving it!

When did you first start Wakeboarding?
I first started wakeboarding on a summer holiday in 2004 in Greece when a guy I met out there introduced it to me and was instantly hooked. When I came back to the UK I realised there was a place two minutes from where I live that does it so I just carried on.

Favourite Trick?
Off axis 540 or Batwing.

Jagermeister or Beer?
BOTH!!! Love getting messy.

Favourite Food?
Mexican and sushi.

Party all night or ride all morning?
Has to be both! Wakeboarding is the best hangover cure that I know of. I love to get stupidly drunk and do crazy stuff but it's all good the next morning after my first wakeboard set because I feel super fresh.

If you could ride to any music what would it be?
I am in LOVE with Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana so listen to her alot! If I'm having a super chilled wakeboard I like listening to Hilltop Hoods or Prop Dylan, and if I'm having a set where I need to be super pumped up to learn hard, new tricks I like something fairly heavy with a good beat like meglomaniac by Incubus or Vains of Jenna.

What do you hope to achieve in the next year?
I hope to compete a lot more and travel over the world wakeboarding, basically what I do most years but go to more exotic places to ride and meet new people and have fun!

Best achievement so far?
Best achievement so far is probably representing the UK in the Protest wakeboard battle in Holland and coming 4th. Isn 't the best result I have had but is always fun doing international competitions! Most exciting achievement
would probably have to be the first time I rode at Wakestock, it was such a buzz with everyone watching you.

What upcoming events, competitions, tours etc. are you involved in?
I am currently organizing a tour around Europe going to loads of different cable and boat parks, hopefully spend a couple of months doing that and getting a lot of great footage.

And finally anything else to say?
Would like to thank all my sponsors for supporting me in the sport, I'd like to thank my parents as well because without them I wouldn't have had the opportunity to wakeboard constantly. And finally I would like to thank my brother Jamie and friends who I ride with because we support each other and push each other to improve!